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Our Philosophy and Approach

Our goal at the K9 Korral is to provide you with the most up-to-date, integrated and common sense approach to dog training. Florida has many dog training instructors/schools featuring a variety of approaches and philosophies.

Jeffery’s Approach, founder and Training Director of K9 Korral Obedience Training Center, has an extensive background in all of these approaches and from them K9 Korral and it’s staff has crafted a flexible program that is committed to helping owners in a sensible, fast-paced way that draws on the best of everything in line with the needs of their dog. There approach is not one-dimensional, insisting the “we only do it this way,” or “we would never do that.” Jeffery has long felt that holding such a “dogmatic” position in relation to training is a reflection of the fact that the trainer is more committed to his or her own approach than they are to helping the dog and its owner. In fact, any approach that defines itself by the words “only” or “never” should be immediately suspect. A good trainer will have a toolbox of remedies available that can be creatively integrated and brought to bear in an infinite variety of combinations to produce fast results with your dog.

K9 Korral’s training approach emphasizes positive reinforcement while retaining the benefits of structure, guidance and authority. There motto is “maximize the positive, minimize the negative and be realistic.” In his private or group approach to training K9 Korral seeks to tailor an approach that takes into account both the owner’s and dog’s temperament and in designing there private or group classes K9 Korral has combined the best of what they have learned from both there clients and there mentors in the many years of there involvement with dog training. Florida, as well as the rest of the country, has in recent years seen an explosion of different schools of thought regarding dog training and while this is by and large a good thing it can be disorienting to the lay dog owner. This is why it is engaging someone familiar with a variety of approaches is key in educating yourself and your dog.



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