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Pet Care Tips


We care about all pets and want to share with you some of our knowledge regarding the Do's and Don'ts of Pet Care. Read below.

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Dog Care Tips

Holiday puppies are often impulse purchases in the spirit of the season. Many "holiday puppies" end up in local shelters or with rescue groups by spring. Before getting a puppy for...


Dog Food Choices

I am a huge advocate of feeding only the highest quality pet food to our pets. Many pet foods, even those that many consider “premium” contain low cost, low quality ingredients that are...

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Just Say NO to Table Scraps

When little Fido is sitting at your feet under the dinner table with his tail wagging and his eyes bright and pleading, it can be tempting to toss a scrap of your dinner under the table. He gobbles it up with delight and...


Collars and Harnesses

Limited Slip collars are often called Martingale dog collars. When these training dog collars are pulled they tighten to fit the dog's neck exactly but are designed not to choke the dog. They work great for any dog that...

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Looking for a Trainer

Bonding is the most important training you and your dog will need and if your pet is away from you, your not bonding with him. Someone else is and it is usually not a good bond it is normally out of fear as you will see...


When Buying a Puppy

You gaze into the sad eyes of the puppy in the pet store window, and you want to “rescue” the lonely pooch…
You read the ad in the newspaper, and the couple seems so trustworthy...

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Coping With The Death Of A Loved Dog Or Cat

As a pet owner, I have learned that when we loose a pet we loose a member of the family. Most of us grieve greatly when this occurs.

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