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Pet Health and Wellness


There are many ways in which you can help keep your pet healthy and feeling great. We offer services such as our Sports Message, Therapeutic Message, Acumpressure and more. We also provide cutting edge technology such as Photonic Cold Laser Healing and Thermal Imaging. To learn more about these great services please view the sections below.

Our Services


K9 Sports Massage

When Confidence, Comfort, Gait & Balance Make the Difference!

Whether competing in conformation, agility, obedience, fly-ball, herding, drafting or field events, a skilled...


K9 Therapeutic Massage

I am a huge advocate of feeding only the highest quality pet food to our pets. Many pet foods, even those that many consider “premium” contain low cost, low quality ingredients that are...

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K9 Acupressure

Acupressure is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has been used for thousands of years to promote health by assisting the body to achieve a harmonious state of balance within itself and in relation to its environment.


K9 Acumassage

Acumassage is a combination of acupressure & massage.

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Photonic Cold Laser Healing

The cold laser or low level laser system. This class of lasers is also often referred to as a soft laser or healing laser and refers to very low powered lasers which have been designed to gently rejuvenate cells. Low level lasers are totally safe...


K9 Thermal Imaging

Veterinary / Equine thermograph is a rapidly growing field. Doctors, trainers, handlers and owners are all finding new ways to use thermal infrared analysis to diagnose a wide range of animal issues including; performance...

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K9 Essential Oils

An essential oil is a highly concentrated natural plant extract in the form of an aromatic liquid. When essential oils are used, the aromatic molecules of the oils are absorbed into the blood stream and transported to the limbic system...


K9 Flower Essences

Flower essences (or ‘remedies’ – the terms are used interchangeably) are the vibrational imprint, or etheric pattern of particular flowers or plants prepared in liquid form. You can imagine, as science tells us, that everything – plants, animals...

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