The goal of our “Agility Class” is for the dog and handler team to have fun and to learn to work together in a safe and positive environment. Our classes incorporate positive reinforcement methods and concepts of canine behavior. Dog agility is a fun, active sport that all dogs and handlers can enjoy. Our agility classes are an opportunity to have fun with your canine partner in an agility setting.

Although this class is fun we still are training our partner to heal, come, stay, sit, down, wait, over/jump, hand signals…Etc.

This class is for fun only!! If you are a competitor or in competition this class is not for you, we will be having fun/laughing activity together as we bond with our canine companions. We by no means want to offend anyone if you can leave the intenseness behind you please join our class.

Prerequisite for this class child & Parent must smile & have fun.

Dog’s come to all classes.

Cost: $120.00

6 Weeks approximately 1 hour per class

Class must be prepaid by check or money order at least 2 days before start date.

Minimum of 2 students
Maximum of 8 students

Classes fill on a first payment first deposit basis. Please drop off or send application and payment as quickly as possible to secure your class time and date. You will receive an email confirmation. please bring emai confirmation to your 1st class.


NO Refunds on classes once 1st session begins.

Class must be prepaid by Credit Card, check or money order at least 1 day before start date.

Minimum of 3 students