I highly recommend the K9 Korral. The private lessons they offer are worth every penny! I was surprised how quickly my dogs behavior changed. They were very helpful in helping me select the right food for my dog. It really made a huge difference! These people are knowledgable and passionate about what they do…. They’re the BEST in town!

Dona Sarasota

The K9 Korral is a great place with very friendly people that truely care about the animals. Also, They have tons of knowledge on any of the items for sale in the store.When you shop here you know that you will always get what you our your dog needs.

Trent Thompson Sarasota

I want to thank Jeffery for the tremendous help he was in getting me and Nixie ready for our Search and Rescue conference. His great ability to read both the dog and handler made a world of difference at the certification event! Thanks again Jeffery!


Michael Sarasota

This place is so good we are very pleased and just want to pass this along. Thanks guys, Jason


Jason Sarasota

OMG, This place is great from the first step in the door. Smiles all over the place and Rocko what a cool dog. We have learned a lot here and are taking more classes. Kristy


Kristy Sarasota

this place is so understanding and so kind and helpful, I just had to say thamks for the help with fancie. Marcie & Fancie


Marcie & Fancie Sarasota

Hey guys I just want to say thanks for all the help. Gracey is doing very well on her leash now. Marie

Marie Sarasota

We are very pleased with our dog training and just wanted to share. Kristeen & Max


Kristeen & Max Sarasota

We walked into K9 Korral and were greated by Rocko such a surprise he is so kind and welcomed all of us with such a nice smile. Then you feel the warmth of the Korral and see how clean it is oh yes the smell so clean. Our class is so wonderful. Kelly & Sam


Kelly & Sam Sarasota

The service we got here was great so understanding and really help you 1 on 1 if needed. Connie & Greg


Connie & Greg Sarasota

We have had great success at this place and just wanted to thank the crew. Peace Karen & Charlie


Karen & Charlie Sarasota

We have had a great time training here these guys know there stuff and actually care. Best of luck, Pete & Brandi


Pete & Brandi Sarasota

We had a good time training our dog here. Steven & Kathy


Steven & Kathy Sarasota

We are so happy we came to the k9 korral for training these people are so helpful we passed our 1st class and have signed up for another. Harry, Tonya & Zippy

Harry, Tonya & Zippy Sarasota

We just finished our 1st class with K9 Korral we had a very positive interactive class. The instructors are great and help you all the way through if needed. If the instructors can’t help Rocko will (Mascot). Nancy,Tony & Bart


Nancy,Tony & Bart Bradenton

We are very happy with our training at the K9 Korral and want to share it with everyone. We would recommend this place to anyone it is Clean, Calming, Happy, you have got to see this place and meet the staff they are all so kind and truly interested in your success. The Parsons


Parsons Sarasota

We adpoted a dog from the humane society sarasota and he is quite aggressive with other dogs and so we took the obedience class at humane society and they were no help at all although they say they can help well not with behavior issues. We looked around and found K9 Korral this place is awsome and talk about help these guys are there with you throughout your classes if need be helping you along the way however Jeffery did suggest a private lesson which we did with him and cody is so much better now we will continue on with classes and maybe another private lesson. Thanks Guys, Cliff & Cody


Cliff & Cody Bradenton

The first time we went to the K9 Korral to check it out we were greated by Rocko (there mascot) at the door wow he is big and so gentle. Jeffery let us sit in on a class and observe well then we signed up for a class which starts in a week, I just have to say I have never seen such a clean and inviting dog training facility before. Jason & Mary


Jason & Mary Sarasota

Excellent, We have had a great time at the K9 Korral this is our 2nd class and the staff should be commended on dog friendly they are. The K9 Korral deserves a pat on the shoulder, So clean and careing. Best to you all, Kassy & Bob


Kassy Bradenton

My dog sitter called Shelby the terrorist! K9 Korral has hepled me to train her to be a better dog. She has been afraid of other dogs that she meets, butJeffery has helped her to accept other dogs more readily. They really care about the well being of the dogs in training. Roberta


Roberta Sarasota