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Air Date:9/21/2018

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Who is the rescue? Ewenity Farms

Name: Today we have… Butterbean!

Age: 1-2

Breed: Australian Cattle DogTerrier

Description: Red/White/Freckles (red healer) 26#

Medical Issues: None


What’s the History? 

Rescued by Ewenity (YOU-ni-tee) from a

hoarding case. Timid at first due to lack of socialization.

Fully vetted & spayed.


Energy Level: Medium-High, (Playfully Active).

Other pets: Yes, with intro.

Children: Yes, ACD’s nip at feet as part of herding.

Love Connection:

Active family that is prepared to give her a job (fetch etc) as she is a herding dog.

Playful, active.