We all know that good dental hygiene in your pet helps reduce decay. However, did you know it could extend their life expectancy? February is “National Pet Dental Health Month” and we wanted to share some ways you can maintain and improve your pets’ dental health.


It has been proven that good dental health can potentially extend a dog’s life by up to 30%! Gum disease can begin before the age of 3. Not only can it rot teeth but can contribute to issues with your dogs heart, kidney and lungs.


Here are some warning signs:

  • Foul breath
  • Discolored teeth with deep red gums
  • Excessive tartar
  • Bleeding gums after eating or chewing.


What are the 3 D’s that should prevent gum disease?

  1. Daily brushing/rinse
    1. Tooth brush, finger brush & doggie tooth paste
  2. Dental Exam (Personally inspect teeth and gums)
    1. Personally inspect teeth and gums
    2. Annual dental exam by your vet
  3. Dental Cleaning
    1. Expensive but worth it
    2. With older dogs, we worry about anesthesia. Now available locally is anesthesia FREE dental cleaning – ask your vet for details

Make brushing your dogs’ teeth a game. Do not stress. Go through the steps of showing the brush to your pet, touch the brush to show that its not dangerous or scary, touch the brush to their teeth with a taste of good tasting tooth paste and finally brush the front and sides of their teeth over a period of a week or longer.


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