Recent reports have proved that having a pet helps us cope with depression, social disorders and live longer, happier lives. Some would say dogs a therapeutic.  Keaton has worked at K9 Korral for almost 4 years. Mark met Keaton through a program to help people with social disorders work and live independently. Keaton’s syndrome is similar to “Aspergers”. Since this initial meeting, Mark coupled Keaton with Roxy and has shown great progress!  “Roxy gives me structure, routine and responsibility,” says Keaton. “She makes my life much happier as a companion – no empty house!”

 Dogs love unconditionally. They do not bully. They do not judge a person based on their appearance or actions. Keaton’s personality fits in great at the K9 Korral, though he struggles with change, Mark makes sure to explain each task fully which is then confirmed by Keaton – once this is registered, his intelligence shines.

 Unfortunately, stereotypes have risen in today’s society that people with disorders, like Keaton’s, lack intelligence. That stereotype has been broken as Keaton formed a Jazz duo with Chris Cournoyer who has a similar disorder. They are available to play at parties and gathers. Check out “The Jazzberries”